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Looking after your piano during transit

To give your piano the smoothest ride possible our vehicles come with:

  • Hydraulic tail gates
  • Air ride suspension

In preparation for piano transport we wrap all pianos in soft, thick, padded blankets.  This provides maximum protection with minimum weight.  This means we can easily manoeuvre your piano while still keeping it safe. 

Insurance for piano moving

All of our Perth piano removals done by our removalists are fully covered by insurance from the moment we arrive until the minute we deliver safely to your new location.

What to do next

1. Contact our team today for a quote on 0419 922 063 or email us via our Contact Us page.

2. We will ask you:
          i. Is your piano a grand, upright, pianola or organ?
         ii. Where is your piano currently located?
        iii. Where are you moving it to?
        iv. How can we access your piano?
         v. What are the access details, are there any steps or stairs at either location?

3. Site inspection: on the day of the move our team will conduct a full site inspection to devise the most secure route for your piano removal.

4. Secure wrapping: we will wrap your piano in thick, padded removal blankets.

5. Safe transportation: using specially designed equipment our piano removers will then safely move your piano to its new location.

6. Completion: after making sure you are happy with the result we will receive payment.

When should you tune your piano after a move?

It is quite normal for it to take a couple of weeks for the wood and metal within the piano to adjust to the new temperature and location.

After this settling period we recommend you contact a piano tuner from the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association to have your instrument professionally tuned.

Piano storage

As part of our Perth piano moving service we can collect, wrap and securely store your piano for 1 week or several years.

Stored pianos remain wrapped and are safely gathered on the ground floor. Our warehouse has been specially designed to a height of 7m allowing hot air to rise and ensure a relatively stable environment for all stored pianos.

Platinum Piano Removals is a family business with family values.

Contact us today on 0419 922 063 and find out why Perth families keep coming back us.

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