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Grand Piano Removals - A Note Above The Rest

Grand piano removal services in Perth, whether concert, parlor or baby, not only requires the same strength but a delicacy of touch not unlike when the beauties themselves are played. Our delicate touch is guaranteed because at Platinum Piano Relocations, we know piano removals and we also know pianos.


Grand pianos differ from uprights in the position of their strings, namely they are horizontal instead of vertical. Because this length is usually greater than the height of their upright counterparts, the notes are longer, fuller and generally give a more rich sound. But we don’t have to tell you that! You know your grand piano is an instrument of magic and so do we, so rest assured we will treat it as is deserved.


All pianos moved with Platinum Pianos Relocations are done so wrapped in soft, thick padded blankets so they stay safe and sound (excuse the pun!) and the sound of key is not compromised with swinging temperatures. They are also transported in state-of-the-art vehicles fitted with hydraulic tailgates and air-ride suspension.

Why risk your grand piano being moved with anyone else? We are so confident in our abilities at Platinum Piano Relocations that each removal is fully insured and guaranteed.

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